Should stroke victims bypass primary care centers? The Occitanie protocol

Lecture from SLICE 2018

1 october 2018 – 8:30

by Caroline ARQUIZAN

While mechanical thrombectomy (MT) is a “proven and recommended therapy”, the question of managing the patient for this highly time-dependent procedure remains an organizational – and clinical – challenge. In this presentation, neurologist Caroline Arquizan examines the French protocols in the Occitanie region, based on 24 months of experience and over 3100 stroke alerts.

To answer how to provide optimal care from a regional perspective, Dr Arquizan looks at “collaborative” stroke care networks, mapping out the dynamic role each can play: from emergency personnel to the primary stroke center (PSC) and on to the comprehensive stroke center (CSC) itself.

Learn about this decision-making protocol: how to prepare the patient for eventual transfer; the place of telemedicine; the importance of a “regional prehospital triage” strategy. Cases where patients should be brought directly to the CSC are examined, specifically suspected large vessel occlusions (LVO) where there is a known contraindication for IVT. Learn more here….

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