Carotid Web : an “Old” cervical lesion for a “young” cause of embolic stroke

Lecture from SLICE 2018

2 october 2018 – 15:10

by Nicolas GAILLARD

The carotid web– How rare is it and what role could it play in the etiology of ischemic stroke in the young?

Join Nicolas Gaillard neurologist from Montpellier, France in this engaging lecture which begins with a case of a 41-year-old stroke patient with migraines and no other risk factors. Follow the initial successful treatment and the carotid MRA showing the classic signs of a carotid web – a right bulbar protrusion with 50-60% NASCET stenosis. How would you proceed, managing the preventive therapy for this carotid? What is a “clotted web” and is it thrombogenic?

N. Gaillard reviews current and historic literature on the carotid web from histological signs to imaging. Discover the different types of carotid webs as well as an in-depth comparison of which imaging to use and why; whether DSA, CTA, Doppler ultrasound or carotid high resolution MRA. Learn about the high risk of antiplatelet therapy and the prevalence in the young of black African descent. How would you treat? Is carotid stenting and oral anticoagulation a viable solution?

Find out why the carotid web might be a “new piece” in the puzzle of the etiology of stroke in younger patients…


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