Catching the “Wave” towards better Stroke Treatment: SLICE 2018

The slow movement that characterized developments in stroke treatment in the past has picked up speed. With every passing month it feels more like we’re facing a tsunami of challenges in all aspects of our work: from the time it takes us to offer treatment; to the treatments, protocols and devices themselves; to the way we and our healthcare systems respond to the populations which we serve and who cannot wait.

At SLICE we think the time has come to take control of this movement and learn to ride the worldwide wave that is STROKE treatment today. More than ever before, in 2018 we need to understand and master an increasing set of new and complex situations rarely seen; situations which require further clinical clarification and expertise, for instance:

  • How can we modify our current prehospital triage strategies when stroke treatment can now be offered up to 24 hours from onset as opposed to 6 hours?
  • With revascularization demonstrating benefits at every stage of treatment – what should be the limits for patient selection?
  • Indications for the use of lithics in the acute phase are being reconsidered and revised opening the way to new synergistic utilizations of mechanical revascularization and pharmacologic treatment in our angiosuites… and what will they be?
  • We have witnessed chronic carotid occlusions rebuilt even after one month of total occlusion…what does this imply?

SLICE was created to work towards answers in a discipline in constant movement; one that is in a state of flux, and characterized by rapid evolution. To achieve this, SLICE was designed to encourage exchange and, from the very beginning, to be very practical. This year, like last, even the breaks will have dedicated workshops such as pre-hospital neurological examination  or the stroke treatment on silicon model. We are still in the process of finalizing the program, so keep checking the website for further information.

This is SLICE 2018 and we invite you to join us in Nice and “ride the wave” to better stroke treatment!

Vincent Costalat Vincent Costalat
Course Director

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