Daily quiz winner

Do you remember the daily quiz which took place at SLICE 2019? Here’s the lucky winner: Gorana Vukorepa from Croatia!

Gorana VukorepaWith the best score at the quiz, she won her invitation for the 2020 edition (October 5-7, 2020). Registration fees, transport and accommodation will all be taken care of!

But who is Gorana Vukorepa? Naturally, SLICE team met with her. Let’s discover her presentation!

Could you introduce yourself?

  • I work as a neurology specialist at University Hopital Dubrava, Department of Neurology, Stroke and Intensive Care Unit. I am working with patients suffering from cerebrovascular diseases and also those presenting with neurological emergencies, covering the broad spectrum of critically ill neurological patients. My main interest are cerebrovascular diseases and especially stroke. This fast- growing field is so challenging and offers broad spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutical possibilities.

What did you retain from the event?

  • Stroke Live Course gave me an opportunity to hear some of the leading experts in the field discussing different approaches and also some challenging patients as well as new emerging therapeutical possibilities. It also enabled me, as a neurologist, to get better insight in exciting neurointerventional techniques and to understand course of treatment from neurointerventionalist point of view.

If you missed out your chance this year, don’t worry: another daily quiz will be held during SLICE 2020!


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