Drip-and-Drive: ship the interventionalist not the patient for MTE

Lecture from SLICE 2018

1 october 2018 – 17:10


Stroke treatments require highly experienced teams of neurologists, radiologists, anesthesiologists, technicians and interventional neuroradiologists. Demand in the USA alone for mechanical thrombectomy (MT) has more than doubled in the last few years and primary stroke centers cannot meet this challenge.

Should we allow cardiologists to offer MT, or is there another choice? Can we bring the interventional neuroradiologist to the patient? Join Dr Casper Brekenfeld as he examines a novel alternative to existing “patient pathways”. Discover the advantages of bringing the specialist to the patient, allowing a single interventional radiologist to cover several PSCs for a lower cost while maintaining a high level of quality – and saving up to 2 hours over the classic approach. Is a 10% reduction in “time to groin” treatment worth it for your patient?

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