Focus on triage and stroke management

Recorded cases from SLICE 2018

1 october 2018 – 13:30

By François DOLVECK

How often can we step back and observe, at a distance, each possible step in an emergency procedure? In this dramatic case, emergency physician François Dolveck, allows us to follow each moment in stroke management, dissecting each step from the initial emergency call, to the ambulance and on to the various stages of care – some unsuccessful – in treating this patient.

Learn about the use of the FAST test (Face, Arm, Speech, Time), the initial EMT exam, the different transfer times involved as an 80-year-old woman with diabetes and right facial paralysis is brought to the local hospital rather than a thrombectomy-ready comprehensive stroke center. Discover the reasoning at each stage of management and enter the debate as the expert panel juggles with the question of “guidelines vs. clinical practice” in deciding whether to provide iv-TPA or why educating the public is a key component in stroke care – especially in this type of case where there was a 3 hour delay in alerting emergency services…The goal is understanding, join us now!


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