General anesthesiology, sedation or nothing: where is the truth?

Joint Session ANARFL – ESA: General anesthesia vs. sedation during intra-arterial treatment for stroke, the GASS study

3 october 2017 – 9:00

Dr Axelle Maurice, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Rennes, Rennes, France

Dr Axelle Maurice, an anesthesiologist working with all emergency surgeries for adults and all interventional imaging procedures at a large hospital center, shares her experiences leading up the design of the current trial. When the results of the MR CLEAN trial were published, her service was primarily using general anesthesia (GA) for all neurological procedures (mechanical thrombectomy [MT] and embolization). With the increase in patients brought on by this and subsequent trials the question becomes increasingly critical: Which is the best anesthetic protocol – GA or conscious sedation (CS) – to use in these interventions?
Join A. Maurice as explores existing literature with a lack of clear evidence to choose one method over another which lead to the GASS study. Learn of possible negative factors involving GA in MT, or how the anesthetic protocol effects blood pressure. Review the impact of different drugs in GA and stroke, the effect as seen by occlusion sites or why pain may be underestimated.
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