Low NIHSS: Should we treat first or rescue by EVT ?

3 october 2016 – 15:00

Vincent Costalat stand in for Cyril Dargazanli (Department of Interventional Neuroradiology – Gui de Chauliac University Hospital – Montpellier, FRANCE)

V. Costalat, one of the SLICE course directors and an investigator in this study, steps in for lead investigator C. Dargazanli, presenting a study which looks at an emerging question in stroke management: what is the impact of mechanical thrombectomy (MT) on those patient suffering from acute stroke and LVO in the anterior circulation, but presenting with minor or mild stroke symptoms? After a brief review of the study itself, summarizing details such as inclusion criteria, definitions of the types of stroke and the nature of the circulation being treated, the conversation opens to the expert panel and audience with critical questions by moderator and MR CLEAN investigator W.H. Van Zwam, as well as T. G. Jovin, R. G. Nogueira, C. Arquizan and A. Bonafé as they tease out further details such as the difference in serious adverse events between the two groups – optimal medical or endovascular therapy – or the different criteria in which to consider MT. Is a full randomized trial needed today? Join our discussion and enter the debate now…

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