Management of calcic embolus

Recorded Thrombus Lab from SLICE 2018

1 october 2018 – 11:00

By Gregory GASCOU

Rarely seen in clinical practice, with a very low rate of recanalisation and very high mortality, calcic embolus or calcified thrombus presents an immense challenge. Using a specially prepared silicon model, Gregory Gascou, neurointerventionist from Montpellier, France offers us the latest tips and tricks for treating this condition. Beginning with the choice of stents, he goes on to discuss the nature of the calcic embolus itself including its possible origins in either the aortic valve or a carotid atherosclerotic lesion.

What is the classic appearance of this embolus? What are the risks of fragmentation – the dangers inherent in its composition of a calcic/firm part and a softer part? Will conventional tools work for removal of the clot? Stenting? Medication?

Join the discussion and add to your experience in managing this complex situation.


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