My place as an interventional radiologist in the stroke pathway

Lecture from SLICE 2018

1 october 2018 – 17:50


“You cannot be a ‘tourist’ in the brain”…but can you?

How do societies – and medical specialists – respond to the increasing demands for endovascular thrombectomy (EVT)? Besides interventional neuroradiologists and neurosurgeons, are there other specialists who can perform these procedures? How much training is needed and how much experience is necessary to effectively “achieve reperfusion”?

Join interventional radiologist Hans van Overhagen as he confronts these issues in an insightful lecture followed by a passionate debate capturing the essence of the SLICE experience. Discover current experience in the Netherlands where a dedicated government advisory board determines which centers should offer EVT. Learn about the different criteria involved, including how and when non-neurological specialists can be certified to perform certain neurological procedures.

Enter the debate when Tudor Jovin declares that “You cannot be a ‘tourist’ in the brain”; when Christophe Cognard speaks about French and European requirements. Listen as SLICE faculty Marc Ribo, Ferdinand Hui, Caspar Brekenfeld discuss alternative approaches to providing care and course director, Vincent Costalat asking us, “what is true?”  What does the future hold – and what two elements might provide an “answer” to this debate?

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