I am Neurologist

Neurologist At SLICE I’ll meet my colleagues interested in the acute phase of treatment, sharing – in a very interactive environment – the latest protocols and improvements in in-hospital workflows. I want to discuss about the synergistic effect of IV lithics combined with mechanical treatment, to understand the latest procedural innovations and anesthesiological concerns… I am convinced that by sharing our joint competence and expertise we will together be able to improve the care we offer.And I won’t stop here! The prehospital phase is my concern, and I want to understand regulatory system constraints, limitations and those possibilities that might help me refine my decision-making. I am a key player that will also be following the patient through to rehab, and I need to start stroke prevention ASAP.

Team Spirit is essential to me in the setting of stroke, so I will be at SLICE 2016 3-5 October, Nice France!

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