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SLICE 2020 Program

The main goal of the SLICE is to promote « team experience », « team building », and « international team exchange » in order to offer a unique occasion to create a multidisciplinary high-level scientific debate focus on stroke management at the acute phase.

This year the SLICE will be held 100% online.

Every day :

  • 3 recorded cases
  • 3 morbimortality cases
  • 2 delphi consensus
  • 2 symposiums
  • Many surprise about Stroke management

slice program

List of subjects :

  • Posterior Circulation stroke
  • Distal Occlusion Management
  • Rescue Stenting
  • Chronic Ischemia Management
  • Subdural Chronic Hematoma
  • Radial Puncture: how to do it?
  • Pre-hospital organization
  • Direct to Angioorganization

The complete program will be available soon.


Call for case

If you have a case to submit, please contact us.