RACECAT trial: first results

Lecture from SLICE 2018

1 october 2018 – 16:50

by Marc RIBO

Finding qualified answers to the challenge of offering access to the best endovascular treatment in rural areas – with comparable results to patients living in well-served urban environments – is one of the goals of the RACECAT study.

Join Prof. Marc Ribo, from the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital in Barcelona, Spain as he presents the early findings of this Catalunya-based study taking a real-world look at whether it is better to transfer stroke patients directly to a comprehensive stroke center (CSC) or the local primary stroke center (PSC). Explore the trial design and the innovative RACE scale – developed in Barcelona and used uniformly by paramedics throughout Catalunya to evaluate patients. Understand the implications for care if, even using a RACE scale score which could indicate a suspicion of acute large vessel occlusion (LVO), there is “no real way at a pre-hospital level to be sure about an LVO”. Other topics include identifying pre-stroke disabilities or the use of iv-TPA/EVT.

With over 700 patients enrolled and the data now coming in, enter the debate about the future of stroke pre-hospital management….


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