Recorded cases @ SLICE 2018

In this section you will find all the recorded cases published on this website from SLICE 2018.

Illustration of prehospital triage in France regarding stroke management

1 october 2018 – 13:30

François DOLVECK

How often can we step back and observe each possible step in an emergency procedure? You can in this case, as emergency physician François Dolveck dissects each step in the management of the stroke patient from the initial emergency call to the various stages of care in this revealing video….

 Acute basilar occlusion treated using balloon guiding catheter in the left VA

1 october 2018 – 16:20


An 84-year-old male with an NIHSS score of 21: How to proceed when faced with an acute basilar occlusion (BAO)? Join Prof. René CHAPOT (Germany) in this lively – and challenging – discussion as we dissect the critical step in the treatment of BAO, from the acute accident to the successful intervention in this provocative case presentation.

Hemodynamic disturbance necessiting acute carotid artery stenting

2 october 2018 – 13:30


Treating a stroke patient presenting with multiple occlusions and a mixed lesion, both hemodynamic and embolic, is complex and existing data on acute carotid artery stenting is limited – how to proceed? Join Prof. Vincent Costalat as he presents, discusses and provides one solution to this especially challenging situation….

Mechanical thrombectomy in distal intracranial occlusions

2 october 2018 – 16:10


A 44-year-old woman, who is not administered IV tPA due to NOAC use, presents with diffuse thrombi and occlusions of the MCA and ACA – Prof. René Chapot from Essen, Germany chooses to treat with systematic clot removal – would you? Join the debate here….

Mechanical Thrombectomy for Mild Strokes: How Low Should We Go?

3 october 2018 – 9:20


When an 86-year-old male with a low NIHSS score arrives at the CSC the question is how to proceed: Join SLICE course director Prof. Vincent Costalat as he presents a case exploring this “gray” zone of endovascular care and why performing an MT can make you a neurological hero – or perhaps a neurological villain…

Direct Carotid Puncture for Endovascular Thrombectomy

3 october 2018 – 13:30


What do you do when you have to switch entry sites during thrombectomy? Join René Chapot as he leads us through a direct carotid puncture, retrieves the clot and shows how – and why – he uses the Angio-seal™ device to close the entry puncture…

Endovascular treatment in Patient with MCA Occlusion

3 october 2018 – 15:00


An older patient with a wakeup stroke, good collateral and a low NIHSS score arrives at stroke center – is she a good candidate for thrombectomy? What happens when you discover diffuse disease and a chronic MCA occlusion? Join René Chapot (Germany) as he presents this challenging case – and leads this passionate discussion – here…