Revascularization of chronic carotid occlusion: a new technical approach

Lecture from SLICE 2018

2 october 2018 – 14:30

by Tudor G. JOVIN & Vincent COSTALAT

Occluded carotid arteries – what we understand today

How well do we know the natural history of internal carotid artery (ICA) occlusions? With this question Tudor G. Jovin (USA) begins his SLICE lecture exploring our current knowledge in treating carotid arteries occlusions.

How do we decide when and how to treat? Tandem or non-tandem occlusions? Blood pressure dependency?  Subacute or chronic occlusions? Recurrent strokes? What is the importance of perfusion imaging? What tools should be used – and how?

T. Jovin and Course Director Vincent Costalat present cases clinically illustrating these points: the treatment of a non-tandem internal carotid occlusion, a chronic carotid occlusion and a case involving an endovascular intervention of a symptomatic chronic total internal carotid artery occlusion. Promising techniques are discussed, such as trans-carotid artery revascularization (TCAR) and the need for improved neuroprotection devices is brought up.

Hemodynamic impairment? Fluctuating neurological deficits? Which patients should be treated? What can we learn from the coronary and peripheral experience in crossing CTOs? V. Costalat says we have “the toolbox to do things and maybe the future of ischemic treatment is the carotid?”

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