Literature Review – Leading Edge Topic Session #6

Session – Advanced Bench Testing for stentrivers technology. What We have learn ?

SLICE does not offer participants live cases alone, but insight into the clinical science behind them. In addition to the experience of the expert panel during these live cases, each day’s presentations was augmented with special cutting edge literature reviews presented by the invited faculty.

While it is acknowledged that stent retrievers are effective devices for intracranial thrombectomy, how well do we really understand how they work? We know that there must be a subtle interaction between the device and the thrombus and yet do we really understand the different factors involved in this interaction? How do we define the device’s mechanical characteristics or behavior during retrieval? What is the actual biomechanical properties of the thrombus itself?

Join P. Machi has he leads us through this expert evaluation of stent retrievers with the goal of identifying the elements that allow them to function successfully as they face clots and thrombus removal. As they take into consideration a wide-range of available devices, you will learn the results of their mechanical and functional tests and see how some of these tests were performed and understand the reasoning behind them – as well as the results. Among other things, learn how this study can help you – the operator – in your therapeutic strategic planning and better choose the appropriate device.

And remember! This is SLICE, so the literature review does not finish with the presentation’s conclusion, but instead turns towards the audience where a lively and interactive discussion between faculty and expert participants further illuminates this key subject…so join us in this very out of the ordinary literature review and let SLICE become part of your practice today!