About SLICE 2020











The 6th edition of SLICE will take place 5 to 7 of october

The congress will be held in Montpellier with 24H diffusion.

This year SLICE will be 100 % online and free. Register now !




This year, SLICE will have a specific focus regarding Asia and China.

We organize a full Chinese translation of the event (october 6-8) in order to make the content widely accessible. The team of Pr Miao from Beijing is associate to the faculty and to the organizing committee.

SLICE 2020 received the endorsement of the CSA (Chinese Stroke Association).



Prof. Zhongrong Miao  – Email: 13601243293@163.com

Associate Prof. Xuan Sun – Email: 13810926284@163.com

Associate Prof. Xiaochuan Huo –  Email: huoxiaochuan@126.com

Dr. Yupeng Zhang  –  Email: zhangyupeng@bjtth.org