Cardioembolic intracranial tandem occlusion

3 october 2016 – 9:00

Gui de Chauliac – University Hospital, Department of Neuroradiology, Montpellier, France
Team led by Alain Bonafé and Vincent Costalat

An emergency call – a 70 year old showing signs of stroke – and your stroke center is 160 km away! How do you take charge of the patient? What is the eventual procedure…and results? Join A. Bonafé, V. Costalat and their team as they walk you through – and discuss with leading international experts – each of their essential clinical decisions.
As this case unfolds, join the ensuing discussion as the experts and participants consider such issues as:

  • The “transportation paradigm” and importance of the preliminary “triage”;
  • “IV tPA” – is it really necessary?
  • Imaging and the challenge of improving “door to groin” time – is a second MRI justified?
  • Choice of procedure – and devices – including the question of aspiration device use and the influence of clot burden or slow-flow in our clinical choices?

These and other salient points are discussed – and debated – in this compelling, and finally successful case history!  Join us here…


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