Where are we wasting time? The challenge of in-hospital stroke tracking

Recorded case from SLICE 2017

2 october 2017 – 10:10


After focusing on the importance of pre-hospital workflow – and inspired by the idea that “dissatisfaction” can be at the origin and impetus for creative change – J. Gralla leads us in this intriguing, and “timely”, discussion on the different facets of in-hospital stroke care, something he describes as being under your “parameters and control”. Based on the experience of the Department of Interventional Neuroradiology, Inselspital University Hospital in Bern, Switzerland, we explore their current organization, looking step-by-step at the errors – and possible solutions – to improving the in-hospital stroke workflow. From the first in-hospital examination by an emergency physician or neurologist, through to imaging, IV tPA, MT and ICU, every phase is dissected, and timed. The key questions of “door to recanalization time” are examined in detail with each of the different components evaluated. Discover here possible ways to shorten and make more efficient the process of a patient being “handed over from one specialty to another”. Understand the role of training and workload: fight dissatisfaction in your own service and improve in-hospital workflow by watching here…

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