Every day during the congress, the SLICE team practical workshops:

Prehospital Workshop

How to perform a pre-hospital (race…) neurological examination.

Every day for 90mn, an experienced neurologist will teach you how to perform a fast and effective neurological examination with a patient in a realistic setup.

Watch the video recorded during the SLICE 2017

NeuroInterventional Workshop

How to recanalize tandem occlusion – intracranial stenosis on a realistic silicon model with our neuroradiologists.

You will be invited to treat intracranial and cervical occlusions on a realistic silicon model using a dedicated thrombus from Neuravi, and to perform aspiration and stent retrieving using the most innovative devices. You will be assisted by a neuroradiologist from our Faculty.

Join the mechanical thrombectomy workshops organized by BALT, CERENOVUS and PHENOX in the conference room.

Watch the video recorded during the SLICE 2017

Digital Workshop

How can new technologies help you improve interpretation of stroke imagery pre- and post-treatment? In this app-focused workshop, get familiar with a large spectrum of tools such as statistical reports on diagnosis and treatment indicators.

Join the digital workshops organized by ALLM EMEA, BRAINOMIX and RAPID in the conference room. You will also have a demo of the Stroke guide and the Strock Clock APPS by Jan Gralla and his team.

Angiographic neuroanatomy workshop

Learn about Angiographic anatomy, collateral flow descriptions, cervical lesions with advanced Interventionists from our Faculty. Come to our New ANGIOGRAPHIC Workshop especially design for Neurologists!